Host a Here's Your Sign Workshop

Host a Workshop

Hey! Are you interested in hosting a Here’s Your Sign Workshop in your home or business? I would love to chat and find a date that works.

Be the Workshop Host

  • The first step to becoming a host is to contact Kelsey so we can find a date that works for your workshop.
  • Then we will create an event through Facebook where you can invite guests, point them in the right direction to pick and pay for their signs and attend your workshop. I’ll take care of posting in the event page – you take care of the invites.
  • Each workshop must have a minimum of five guests (not including yourself) and in return the host receives their sign free.
    • 5-10 guests earns you a free sign up to $60 // 10+ guests earns you any sign we offer
  • You provide the place and any decorations, food or drink desired. We provide everything needed to create and paint the signs.
  • Your guests will need to pick out and purchase their signs from our site at least 5 days before the workshop so we can cut and prep them for workshop day.
  • I arrive with the signs precut and ready to paint. Any signs that require stain for the first layer will also have the stain applied already due to dry times. Some signs will require the use of power tools to put together or complete. We provide the tools, any assistance and instruction.
  • I provide heavy paper to product tabletop surfaces, gloves and all the supplies needed for the sign making. As the sign making comes to an end I’ll take care of all cleanup.

Contact Kelsey to Host a Party

Fill out the form below or reach out through the Here’s Your Sign Facebook page.